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Cody Kraatz, Founder & CEO

Cody Kraatz is the founder and CEO of Road-Ready Marketing. He most recently led the digital marketing and communications program at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority for nearly eight years, driving transformation and innovation across marketing, public relations, community engagement, technology, customer service and planning.

In March 2021 he founded Road-Ready Marketing to build on that experience and his MBA skillset to help transit operators of all sizes “Build Back Better.”

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Elea Carey headshot

Strategic Communications and Media Relations Consulting

Elea Carey, COO and Communications

After 30 years in private sector communications, including work in tech startup and venture capital, Elea now uses her “powers for good” by helping transit organizations with media initiatives, creative promotions, and communications strategies. Her advice for public transit agencies is featured on the industry’s leading podcast, Transit Unplugged.

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